For your convenience, our most common customer questions are answered right here.

Q: What makes Harmonic Interiors different than any other design firm?

A: We use psychological design principles, offer fine art investment transactions,  have a versatile and cost effective approach for transforming spaces with three tiers of consulting packages to accommodate your budget.

Q: How does a consultation work?

A: Our consultation begins with an intake form and an assessment. Depending on your goals and objectives will determine how in-depth we take it. After seeing your space and going over what you envision, we create a blueprint for the plan of action.

A simple consultation will give you a complete overview of your environment. It will explain what is happening and why the current design approach is or is not working. Then we will offer suggestions and begin to shift and redesign placement.

On our more complex projects, all design approaches are taken in increments. The standard intake and assessment occurs, but adjustments usually begin after the second meeting. This is because we like to put our time and thoughts into it. You are hiring us for our ideas and concepts.  We want to compile a complete design approach before we just start changing it.

On our much more advanced projects, we work through several stages and accommodate your process. This level of work can take several weeks to even months to complete and may even include complete remodeling.


Q: There are so many designers to choose from, what makes you the best.  

A: Because design is so subjective, it is hard to say we are “the best”. What we do know is the people who like are work are individuals who appreciate structure, organization, creative efficiency and design that works. We provide over 24 different themes and if requested, we will even do all of your shopping.

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